Tree Surgery Services

About us

At Ross Giles Tree Surgery we specialise in arboricultural services and pride ourselves in the comprehensive work we carry out.

Every job we undertake is completed with the highest level of respect for your property, using the latest machinery and equipment we are able to carry the works in a safe and efficient manner.

With a range of experiences and skills we are able to offer both professional advice and competitive quotations.

Tree Removal - Felling / Dismantling

The way in which we at Ross Giles Tree Surgery remove trees, are by two practises. The first is a direct fell, which enables us to fell the tree from the ground as long as there are no buildings or other property to damage. The second practise is to remove the tree by aerial dismantle. This involves using specialist lowering equipment to eliminate the potential for damage to property.

Formative Pruning

The main aim of formative pruning is to create a tree which, in the maturity stage of its life will be free from any major physical weakness such as co-dominant stems. Failure to manage co-dominant leading stems can cause compression fork weaknesses which pose a risk to the safety of people and property, ultimately resulting in the need to prematurely fell the tree.

Climbing Inspections

Climbing inspections are helpful to see various defects within the crown that you cannot see from the ground. A full aerial inspection will be carried out from tips to trunk and a report will be documented.

Ross Giles doing a Tree Removal


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves pruning selected lowest branches to achieve a desired vertical clearance from ground level to lowest foliage. This practice is best used to create space for highways, buildings and footpaths.

Crown Cleaning / Dead Wooding

To crown clean or deadwood a tree we remove any broken, crossing or dead branches on the stem or within the crown.

The removal of dead, broken or crossing branches is extremely vital in prolonging the life of a tree. Deadwood can occur for many reasons such as, disease, wind damage, animal interference or even insufficient light. Crossing branches are formed when two or more branches rub on each other causing a weakness on the limb. Whatever the cause, it is advised to remove these branches as they can fail causing damage to persons or property.

Crown Thinning

Selected branches are removed within the crown to allow more light penetration and reduce the effect of wind loading on the tree. This practise will leave the overall shape of the tree unchanged (see crown reduction).

Crown Reduction

Crown reductions reduce the height or spread of a tree. It can help retain a tree that has grown in a confined space without the need to remove it completely. It also relieves the stress of wind loading by reducing the leverage and sail area.

Tree Reduction Before Photo


Tree Reduction After Photo



Pollarding is the most extreme form of pruning. The tree can be cut up to half its crown in order to retain the tree and encourage new shoots. Where possible, branches should be cut to 'knuckles' to encourage a multi stemmed branch pattern to form. This is commonly seen on street trees such as Lime trees or London Planes.

Ross Giles up tree pollarding


Hedge Trimming and Reduction

At Ross Giles Tree Surgery we offer a variety of hedge services from a regular trim to a reduction in height. Our experienced team provide the highest standard of work, improving the health of your hedge and trimming to provide best aesthetic view.

Hedge Trimming Before Photo


Hedge Trimming After Photo


Stump Removal

A stump grinder is used to remove the remaining stump of a felled tree. This will grind the stump and major roots. The removal of tree stumps improves the aesthetic and allows for structures to be built in this location.

However if the stump is not accessible then ECO plugs are used. They degrade the stump and stop the regrowth of the root system in an environmentally friendly manor. Although the stump will remain in place, no further growth can occur.

Ross Giles stump grinding


Planting and Aftercare

We offer a high standard tree planting service. All trees provided are nursery grown stock, they are then planted, staked and mulched around the base.

Site Clearance

At Ross Giles Tree Surgery we undertake site clearances of varying sizes. Our staff are experienced in clearing areas of vegetation for the purpose of developments. This includes building sites and agricultural areas. Due to the varying nature of this work site clearances will need to be assessed on a case by case basis, if you wish to discuss a site clearance with us please contact the office.